Why am I doing this?

Repeatedly, as I have been talking to parents, caregivers, and others who love someone with autism, I have heard that there is no good place for adults with autism in Georgia. Parents are afraid to die, for fear that their children will end up in this "no good place". Where do children with autism go when they grow up?

As the parent of an autistic teen, I want to explore the options for adult living arrangements for those with developmental disabilities.

Please feel free to contact me by email if you would like to weigh in on this subject.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Developmental Disabilities Day at the Capitol

The organizers of the rally were extremely helpful and generous with their time.   I was introduced to a man with autism who will probably end up being a very big part of this documentary.   His parents have both passed away and he is now on his own, sometimes feeling quite lost.   This is the other side of the coin of the parental concern of what will happen to our children when we are no longer there to offer love and support.

I was unable to stay for the rally, due to my school schedule, but it was definitely a worthwhile visit, since I made a lot of contacts with people in the DD community.

Special Thanks to Scott!

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