Why am I doing this?

Repeatedly, as I have been talking to parents, caregivers, and others who love someone with autism, I have heard that there is no good place for adults with autism in Georgia. Parents are afraid to die, for fear that their children will end up in this "no good place". Where do children with autism go when they grow up?

As the parent of an autistic teen, I want to explore the options for adult living arrangements for those with developmental disabilities.

Please feel free to contact me by email if you would like to weigh in on this subject.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Families in Crisis

I am going to be talking to families in crisis this week and will, most likely, be in Augusta for part of the week.   There is a State Hospital there called Gracewood, which houses hundreds of medically fragile people with developmental disabilities.   Parents with children there are very concerned that the hospital will close and there will be no place at all for their children to receive treatment.   Some of these individuals are on respirators, so it would be virtually impossible for them to be cared for in a family home.   I have contacted some community leaders who are going to help me navigate the Gracewood issue and understand all the factors at play.    They are amazing and I have no idea how they keep their energy up with all that is on their plate. 

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